Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scotty's Ears

Right after the new year, Scotty had his first surgery! Very minor . . . he needed tubes. During Scotty's first two years of life, he was super fussy. A mother's intuition finally figured it out. He must have been having ear infections! He never had fevers or any other symptoms. The tests also showed that he couldn't hear out of one ear because of the fluid build-up which could be a contributing factor to his delayed speech.

Since, I'm posting this over 5 months since his surgery, I can tell you that this procedure absolutely changed my boy! He is the happiest little toddler I've ever seen and boy, does he talk now! His vocabulary is better than most his age.

We love our little Scotty and wish mommy would have figured this out a little sooner.


Jessica said...

Both Kaden and Grace had tubes put in right after Christmas too! They make a huge difference! Glad he is feeling better.

Jessica G. said...

It's very important to have cool hair when having surgery. What a cute kid! (I cannot believe how big he's gotten...)